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Vault Gymnastics


Competitive Gymnastics

Champion athletes aren’t just born - they’re selected, trained, molded, and tested. At Explosion Gymnastics, Alberta & Saskatchewan's top competitive gymnastic gym and academy, we hone raw talent into maturity with quality coaching, personalized training plans, and a true love of the sport. Teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship - those are the hallmarks of Explosion Gymnastics Competitive Team.

Vault Gymnastics

Gymnastic Vaulting

The vault is an artistic gymnastics discipline in which athletes perform a series of acrobatic maneuvers on a vaulting horse or apparatus. The objective of the vault is to execute these maneuvers with grace and power while maintaining control throughout the entire routine.

Vaulting has been a part of gymnastics for centuries, but it was not until the late 19th century that it became an official competitive event. The first women's vault competition was held at the 1896 Summer Olympics, and men's vault made its debut at the 1904 Games.

Today, both men's and women's artistic gymnastics include vault as one of their six compulsory events. Gymnasts must perform two vaults in competition - one from each of the five different vaulting families:

- Handspring Without Salto
- Handspring With Salto
- Tsukahara
- Yurchenko
- Yurchenko With Half Twist

Vaulting is considered one of the most difficult and dangerous events in gymnastics. Because of the high level of difficulty and risk involved, athletes must undergo intense physical and mental training in order to master the skills required to compete.

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