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Gymnastic Code of Points

Code of Points

Competitive Gymnastics

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Gymnastic Code of Points

Gymnastics Rules, Scoring, & Deductions

Gymnastics is a competitive sport that is governed by the Code of Points. The Code of Points is a set of rules and guidelines that dictate how gymnasts are scored and deductions are made. Each organization that oversees gymnastics events, competitions, and programs has its own Code of Points.

The Code of Points set by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) is used in international competitions, including the Olympic Games. The Code of Points contains rules and guidelines governing the execution of gymnastics skills, the requirements for compulsory and optional routines, and the scoring of gymnastics performances. The Code of Points is updated every four years by the FIG Technical Committee.

Gymnasts are scored based on their level of difficulty, execution, and artistic impression. Difficulty is judged on the basis of the skill level required to execute a particular element or combination of elements. Execution is judged on how well a gymnast performs a given element or combination of elements. Artistic impression is judged on the fluidity, gracefulness, and presentation of a gymnast's routine.

Deductions are made for errors in execution, form, and technique. Common deductions include:
- Failure to meet the required elements of a skill
- Poor execution of a skill
- Poor form or technique
- Lack of fluidity or gracefulness
- Poor presentation or showmanship
- & More

The Code of Points is used to judge gymnastics performances at all levels of competition, from local meets to the Olympic Games. It is important for gymnasts, coaches, and judges to be familiar with the Code of Points so that they can accurately score and judge routines.

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