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Balance Beam Routines

Balance Beam

Competitive Gymnastics

Champion athletes aren’t just born - they’re selected, trained, molded, and tested. At Explosion Gymnastics, Alberta & Saskatchewan's top competitive gymnastic gym and academy, we hone raw talent into maturity with quality coaching, personalized training plans, and a true love of the sport. Teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship - those are the hallmarks of Explosion Gymnastics Competitive Team.

Balance Beam Routines

Gymnastics Beam

The balance beam is a gymnastics apparatus that is used primarily by female gymnasts. It is a rectangular piece of equipment that is raised off the ground and supported by four legs. The beam is usually made of wood or fiberglass and is covered with a layer of foam to provide a softer surface for the gymnast to land on.

The balance beam is an important part of gymnastics training as it helps gymnasts develop balance and coordination. Gymnasts will use the balance beam to practice various skills such as jumps, turns, and leaps. Beam routines often include elements such as somersaults and handstands.

Gymnasts must be able to maintain their balance while performing complex skills on the balance beam. This requires a great deal of focus and concentration. Balance beam routines are usually choreographed to music to help the gymnast stay on beat and maintain their rhythm.

The balance beam is a challenging apparatus, but it is also one of the most rewarding. Gymnasts who are able to master the balance beam will often find that their skills transfer to other aspects of their life, such as school or work. The balance beam can be a fun and exciting way to challenge yourself and improve your coordination.

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